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ABC design

The perception of Rights
Rule golden section
The psychology of perception of visual information
The shape and color
Not decorative role in interior painting

Styles in the interior

The magic of antiquity: fresco
Features style "Rococo"
Arabic style
African style
Egyptian style
Indian style
Colonial style
Moroccan style
Mexican style
Japanese style

Secrets lighting

The Cabinet
Children's room

Glass in design

Finding for a designer
Fluting, matte, color
There is no organic
Art for art
Case Technology



A board of larch
Coniferous breed
Coatings of wood
Artistic Floors
Ten parquet rules
Laying parquet
The device ties
Laying plywood
Laying parquet floorboards


Plastic window of Siberian larch
Ash, beech, meranti
Siberian larch


"Build" or "solo"
What made the kitchen
Questions purchases
How to arrange

Fireplace and stove

The furnace
Types of fireplaces
Closed fireplaces
Semi fireplaces
Open fireplaces
The angular fireplace
Public or private fireplace. or why you need lining
Fireplaces with open and closed firebox
Electric fireplaces
Secrets of masonry


Shelter for the basin
The pavilion for the pool
Pavilions of polycarbonate
The advantages of polycarbonate pavilions
Disadvantages polycarbonate pavilions
Pluses polycarbonate pavilions
Blinds-shelters for swimming pools
Advantages-blinds shelters
Color models solutions
Hot geysers
Water attraction
Health Complex

Interior design


The most important and favorite place in the life of each of us - our home. It is here that we totally relaxing and feel those who we are. It is precisely point: if you want to get to know rights - visited at his home. For each of us is very important convenience and comfort of their own housing, but in addition, the interior houses or apartments always reflects our individuality, our tastes and the nature, level and our way of life.

But home and apartment - it is not completely isolated from the outside world the territory. Especially today, when the people themselves continuously and inextricably intertwined threads of modern means of communication.

Competently executed interior design - this is just a tool that allows you to make the living space of our own, especially a world entirely appropriate to our needs and that harmonize with the environment we Universe big city or natural forests.

If you are interested in creating for themselves a world in this section, we will be happy to acquaint you with the basic principles of interior decoration, to describe the possibilities of modern design, will help to understand the variety of interior styles and make the right choice.

Probably almost everyone has at least a rough idea of the interior design techniques that allow play with the space facilities, we have heard and the role of color in the interior. And the secrets of lighting and the use of a new design technology in the interior of glass blocks of flats will be extraordinarily valuable knowledge for those who want to go beyond known about the interior design.

We are willing to share their knowledge in this area - teaching design, it is important not only for professionals. You will be interesting and helpful to know the basic laws of interior decoration and use them, obdumyvaya, for example, kitchen design, interior design of their living room or bedroom, in an effort to create a mood of a room.

In addition, we will show you the basic styles of design. Their range is great enough: a classic, Avant-garde, the Empire, Baroque, Eastern, modern, country, al-deco style high-tech, constructivism, minimalism, romanticism, many ethnic styles, and so on. We will show you examples of interiors, executed in these styles, and explain what characteristics they have.

Interior Design - employment is not only exciting but necessary. After all, a beautiful interior is created not only by the rich imagination, but also taking into account the technical feasibility of an idea. And here you come to the aid of professional interior designers. They will help the best way to realize your ideas - whether design yet at the stage of construction or repair, whether you want to design cottage homes, landscape design, or whether you are interested in small and interior design rooms.

Typically, we all want to move with the times, it is important to us that our home is not just happy we, the hosts, but also impressed the guests. And luxurious interior design can emphasize our status. If you enjoy the idea of an elite interior, which can be proud of, as indicator of personal success, tips, professional designers can help you achieve a reasonable compromise between the refined atmosphere and material costs of its creation.


As for the linens are many great artists of color slides up together, creating a masterpiece as well as details of the interior, small and large, combining with each other, creating a general impression and the unique atmosphere of a house or apartment.

It has long passed the days when the model construction has limited our imagination in the room, a proposal materials for interior decoration was so modest that you can easily find, for example, their wallpaper or wall panels in a neighboring apartment. Now we have such diversity that their eyes get. But that same diversity and carries a certain risk - easily lost in a number of options or inadvertently, simply out of ignorance, fall into excessive eclecticism.

As you know, coherent and harmonious picture of the interior is properly selected and combined with each element. It is especially important if you want to endure a certain style. There may not be insignificant details. Today's design capabilities allow space to display the most subtle nuances of the chosen style - in finishing floors and window design, design walls, furniture, lighting elements, etc. Thus, the interior of the apartment can turn into this work of art. Well, take care professionals design studio - to make this work was not only beautiful but functional. Simply put - that you feel comfortable with it live, that style does not exclude comfort, and that created beauty was stable and durable.

If you own a house or dacha, or if your goal - to create an original business design (for example, the design office, design cafe or club), then you are probably interested in such fundamental interior details, such as fireplaces, fountains, pools or Geysers . Before inclusion in the draft this element of the interior, should take into account many of the aesthetic, and purely technical points. Here, we will hold you a detailed excursion into the world of these facilities that will enable you to more realistic to imagine how a live fire or water vpishutsya in the interior of your premises.

In addition, the intervention of an experienced designer will help transform the space, not only internally but also around the house or cottage. Registration facade, balconies and verandahs, design lawns and common landscape design and planting the site of its buildings will help transform your dream of life in a corner of the world. Someone, for example, is close to Japanese style - the garden of stones and paper lamps, and some prefer a house in colonial style, and the related classic English lawn; etniki and exotic lovers can spend the morning tea party at the decorated bamboo terrace and see themselves in the tropical jungle, surrounded by palm trees and bright flowers, and so on.


To revive the interior and give it our unique, individual spirit, we use a variety of ornaments - ELEMENTS. This phase of interior decoration is the most deceptively easy and affordable to everyone. However, it is so that, like buying something, we then find that it either did not fit into the existing interior or does not produce the expected effect. This often happens with paintings, sculptures, vases, tapestries, or lights. To be proved in place, that he gave a complete interior and a natural appearance, you also must have some knowledge. Even household appliances have long is not confined only to its functional characteristics, but also serves some aesthetic problem.

By the very important and aesthetically influential parts of interior, we also include the following items - they can be both an integral part of architectural design and decorative elements. This simple and complex stained-glass windows and specially processed glass, as well as artificial stone used indoors and outdoors. And, of course, it always fashionable element of interior accessories of different types, shapes and sizes. These objects give a special interior refinement and give great scope for your expression.

On our site you get acquainted with different ways of processing glass and visual effects, which can be done that way. You will see how much room for your imagination offers technology execution of stained glass. And also learn how noble and solid appearance may give an artificial stone interior of your house, what role it plays in the design of fireplaces, pools or barnyh corners. We offer you an interesting journey into the world of exquisite glass, stone and exotic underwater!

Individual attention, we want to give the use of tapestries in the interior. A digression for you to type and show examples of their use on the premises for different purposes: in classrooms and libraries, in kitchens and bedrooms, as well as in a children's interior.


As often happens that you see in a magazine of any interior, which is really impressive, until what you want and make yourself something similar? Or at least borrow the most interesting ideas and details? Successful and expressive design solutions to inspire their own creativity, enable fresh look okinut own housing and to see how it can be transformed into new or upgraded interior design.

Our photo gallery interiors acquaint you with a lot of interior work: there are and suburban interiors, and bungalow interiors (including garden design), and photo design of flats, and examples of design offices, etc.

You will also find here the image design of most famous architectural styles. This will help you to feel that the closer it is to your liking, and zaryaditsya new ideas.

Using aquariums in the interior of the elite continues to be very interesting and fashionable trend. Therefore, we will show you a few examples of such interior solutions. You'll see how organic can fit this piece of the ocean in the interiors of different styles, find out what optical effects can be achieved using different types and forms of aquariums and lighting.


Knowledge and experience of our designers, our creativity and, of course, striking the desire of our customers - all of which are fully reflected in this section, where you can see examples of our design studio. We are proud of our products and enjoy showing them to you. Here you get acquainted in detail with examples of design of all: the facades of design and landscape design to interior design of individual rooms: for example, design a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, child, Cabinet, balcony design, etc.

Extensive experience in the use of modern building materials, knowledge of their identity and ownership of modern technologies allow us to create practical design projects. We always strive to optimize the combination of quality and material costs. And if you're looking to create a completely custom design and willing to make bold experiments, we will help rationally and properly implement your vision, using all their knowledge and the latest trends in the design of interior design and decor.

Therefore, cooperation with our design studio allows our customers the best way to translate their ideas. We make sure your eyes!



Glass yarn
Multi-layer glass
Etching or hot-pressing
Engraving and cut

Stained Glass

Stained Glass in the new time
Style "Al-Nouveau"
Tech Stained Glass: the new and old
Fantasy designers
Stained Glass in the interior
The modern interior
Methods of creating stained glass
Stained Glass with their own hands
Stained-glass window of Tiffany
Techniques execution of stained glass
Differences technology Tiffany
Followers Tiffany
The popularity of Tiffany products


Living Room
The Cabinet

Artificial stone

Winter Garden
The interior of the house
Wine Cellar


Custom aquariums
Standard aquariums
Import thumbs
Domestic thumbs
Material aquariums
Domestic content aquarium
Types of aquariums
Type design aquarium
The aquarium with live plants
Amazonian aquarium
"Artificial sea"
Marine Aquarium
Types of aquariums
Built aquariums
Classic aquariums
Custom aquariums



Living Room
The Cabinet
Billiard room

Style in the interior

In the style of "baroque"
Furniture in the style of "Empire"
In the style of "classicism"
In the style of "eclectic"
Interiors "bidermayer"
In the style of "modern"
Interiors "Art Nouveau"
In the style of "constructivism"
In the style of "minimalism"
In the style of "high-tech"
African style
In Egyptian style
The Indian style
Colonial Interiors
The Moroccan interior
In Mexican-style
Japanese interior


"Fifth Element"
"Lost City"
"Underwater kingdom"
"The Island of sunken ships"
"Blue Lagoon"